Coloring and Coating your concrete since 1996!

In 2001 the company was purchased by a young entrepreneur by the name of Jim Mayo, freshly off a tour in the United States Army and ready to take on the world. He incorporated much of his military values into the customer base of the business. He was able to use the work ethic and values he learned, as the building blocks of a life spent developing his business. The results… Well, they speak for themselves over the past two decades.

Moving forward….we are committed to customer satisfaction, honesty, and the highest quality of work and materials with a wide range of different concrete finishes to meet any budget.

We specialize in resurfacing, repairing, and/or removal of pre-existing concrete. Whether you need a section of new concrete or you need restoration of old concrete, we have a wide range of options and colors, textures, styles and patterns to choose from. Enjoy the look of tile, brick or stone. All of our finishes are made of tough acrylic, easy to maintain and provides decades of maintenance free beauty. All of our brick and stone finishes are made of real concrete with a 1/8″ raise and all of our coatings are rust, mildew, and oil resistant, which make them very easy to clean. They are ideal for porches, patios, driveways, garage floors, sidewalks, pool decks and basement floors.

Our Commitment
  • High Quality
  • Long lasting durability
  • Professional and timely installation
  • Two year warranty!
  • Free on-site estimates
  • Ability to customize a full-size sample for whatever type of finish the customer may want

Highlight your space with the finishes we offer.

Our limit is the imagination!

Stardust and Starchip Finishes
Knock Down Texture Finishes
Free Hand Design
Stencil Designs
Stamp Overlay
Before and After

When people think of concrete floors, ugly gray no-frills surfaces with bumpy textures come to mind. But, modern advances have allowed designers like us to achieve a limitless variety of texture and color effects. The texture of the concrete can be made smooth during the installation process or decorative textural patterns can be carved into the surface while it is still setting. You also have the option of polishing the material to a smooth sheen or etching it to create a faux tile effect. The design ability of concrete gives you much design freedom in the future because you have the choice of installing any type of floor surface covering over it when you need a change of scenery in your home.

Concrete is an extremely durable, tough, and resistant material. It can withstand pressure from heavy equipment such as cars and trucks which is why it is such a popular material for areas such as garages. Just think about it; the entire weight of your house is supported by a slab of concrete called the foundation! Durability also means that concrete floors are difficult to damage. Furniture, pet claws, children’s toys, or high-heeled shoes will not scratch the surface. While it is possible to chip or scratch a concrete surface, you don’t have to worry about damage from most dropped items.

Concrete flooring is easy to maintain and long lasting. A properly installed, sealed, and maintained concrete floor will last indefinitely. Its longevity will save you money in the future because you do not have to periodically get new flooring installed.

Transform your space, indoor and out.

Beauty that is set in stone!

Garage Floors
Porches and Patios
Pool Decks
Foundations and Demolitions